Dakar 2018 Le Havre impression

/Dakar 2018 Le Havre impression

Dakar 2018 Le Havre impression

It was a race against time… But thanks to all of our partners we made it to Le Havre with our press vehicles. Ready to be shipped and on their way to South America. With no time left on the clock, partnerlogo’s will be put on the cars in Lima. Just like all the other small bits and pieces on our to do list. The adventure can begin!

A short impression off the start in Le Havre…

Thank to the collaboration with Dutch Picture Industry

Dometic, APOX BV, Muntstad, Volkswagen, Brusystem, Premio Tilburg, Koni Itt, Karhof, Seikel, Trim-Line of Holland B.V., Rock Monster Wheels, Gimbrère Advocaten, Raymond Garnier, Firemen Dakarteam, Maurice Hoffman

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